Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Well, at least it is useful?

While exploring Goodwill yesterday I stumbled upon
possibly the most interesting DIY I have encountered.

All I could think was hmmm, at least this is useful... Right?

Yup. In case you didn't realize, this is a dustpan. Made from a
liscense plate.  The moment I saw this I thought immedietly of
Mandi's {Vintage Revivals} post and had to share this!
Hope you enjoyed! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

For Those Who Love Color

I stumbled upon this amazing website this evening and wanted to share it!
For those who love color
vintage bound

vintage stamped

vintage flora

door hues

booked hues

vintage silver

barn tones

lit palette

Monday, June 11, 2012

Get the Look #1

Welcome to Get the Look! Since I do not have anything of my own to report today and I will be going out of town for a month, I have decided to do a mini-series. I will pick different rooms that I absolutely love and create a list of products you can buy in everyday places to get the look in your own home! First up, my favorite  bathroom I have ever stumbled upon.


Sunburst Wall Mirror
Buy me here: mirror
Buy me here: mirror
Buy me here:ladder storage
Pottery Barn
JC Penney
Buy me here: pedestal sink
Home Depot
Home Depot

Hope you enjoyed! This would be my bathroom if possible :D
Comment on what I should improve next time!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Bathroom Design Dreams

Hey!! As I'm working on the finishing touches of the PLAN for my bathroom, I put together this little collage.
The vanity is actually mine (along with the sink), as is the flooring. I really don't like the flooring, but I have no choice. The vanity used to be a dining room table, but give me a saw and well.... 

I wanted to put 3x6 subway tiles on the wall going up 3.5 feet, but I don't want to spend the money. So, either I'll scratch the idea, paint them on like in the following picture, or do wainscoting. 

Source: This Old House

Bathroom LOVES:

Here are some particularly lovely bathrooms of which I got lots of the inspiration.
Simply Transformed

Source: unknown

34484032 XAIgnz9A c Does It Get Any Better?

14307863 e4cG8f0t c Does It Get Any Better?

Antique Style

Charming Cottage Bath

Vintage Flair

Source: Unknown

Thoughts? Opinions? Thanks!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Eclectic Design Style: Presentation

For my Interior Design class, I created a 
presentation to explain what eclectic design is
 and how to achieve it. Along with each slide is 
the basic information I stated during the presentation...

Here is an example of an eclectic living space.
 It shows personality with accessories such as 
the large portrait and letter on the wall. The whole
 room has a very unique style, which cannot be 
defined as it comes from a variety of influences.

Notice these particular traits all included in this 
example of an eclectic space.

Try to identify the common characteristics in this 
example also.

Making an eclectic style space work is much
 trickier than just throwing a bunch of mismatched
 pieces together. In this example, the chairs do
 not match each other. They share a common 
form and shape, which allows them to work 
together well, while still being unique. 

Scale, proportion, and composition is important 
in all design styles, but especially eclectic. The
 bold curtains balance out the soft colored sofa 
and the coffee table and breakfast table don’t stick
 out much to allow for the artwork to pop. Everything
 is very intentional.

Repetition gives a room rhythm and unity. It can
 be particular items, colors, or shapes. The amount
 of rectangles in this living room on the wall and the
 artwork, along with furniture, give this room unity.

A common characteristic of an eclectic room 
is layered textures. In this room, the texture 
of the floor against rug and fabrics on the 
couch along with the texture of moulding on top,
 creates a visually pleasing room.

 When walls are kept clean/simple/plain, more 
colors can be experimented with in the room. 
This allows for more bold choices to pop out. 

Another way to unite a room is to have colors 
from the same family or are all similar, like
 the bright hues in this room. Even thought 
the patterns are different, the bright colors work
 together very well.

Come on, are those heads not awesome and
 super creepy at the same time? Haha, try to make
 someone take a double-take with your eclectic room.

Yuck is all I can say. How can you live in this?

Which chair would work in this room? In eclectic 
style, you cannot just put anything together, without it
 looking like a garage sale blew up.

See what makes this room eclectic? 

Not sure if I personally enjoy the animal pillows (hehe)

Hope you enjoyed!
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I love experimenting, building, crafting, and having tons of fun! 

The current life goal is to become a Realtor, invest in real estate, restore historical buildings, and renovate run-down homes. But, hey! Who really knows where I'll end up?

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