Friday, January 31, 2014

So, sometimes things don't turn out the way I plan...

{I wrote this post during the summer, when I had nothing to do. Deciding to publish, since I still have nothing to write about!}

Ok. Not just sometimes. All the freeekin' time. 

Just look at this collage-type picture I put together as the original plan for my bathroom.

Let's see. The mirror is similar?! Everything else is different. 

I feel like I never end up with that I originally plan to do.

And does this chair...... Look like this one?

 Kinda? Not really?
Well, that was the original goal. And the goal during the process. 

So the point is, things never turn out the way I expect them to. 
Or I plan them to turn out. 

That is what happened to my little desk makeover. When I saw this little beauty in the dump, I knew it was until-death-do-us-part. But relationships can be tricky. 

Sadly, this relationship is not being worked on. This desk currently is sitting in cabin at a
 closed summer camp. In Canada. See ya' next year, table!!
If you weren't thrown away. Definite possibility.