Wednesday, October 9, 2013

There's this place.. called college?

It’s finally happened! I am now a college freshman. Currently, I am taking the basic first year program for design students. At my university, all design students apply for specific majors before sophomore year. Therefore, I will not be doing much with Interior Design this year. Sad stuff. Still, I have a dorm room for little projects! Luckily my roommate and I have very similar tastes.

If I choose to stick with the design college, I will apply to Interior Design, Industrial Design and Integrated Studio Arts. I am also considering majors in Communication Studies, Religions Studies and Advertising!

So, what have I been up to, you may ask? Learning principles of design basically. We have completed one of three projects in my design studio class; here is me presenting it! [I got an A… Just sayin’…]

The project was to create a poster concerning an issue; using words and pictures chosen by the professors. We used montage method, which is basically cut-and-paste. Hopefully my message is obvious. There are still changes I am going to make to this poster, since it's going into my portfolio. 

Here is my rough draft, or second-to-last iteration.

It’s fun to see how projects and ideas develop, as more time is spend on them. Here are a few of the first iterations I did. These were a way to get our ideas out of our heads quickly, so we didn't spend very much time on them.

My current project is a collaborative with three other students to create a collapsible “passageway”. Once this project is farther along, I’ll post photos.

Little projects and peaks at my dorm room coming soon! Keep checking back! Love y’all!


Friday, July 19, 2013

Whooohh!! That's a lot of pageviews.

Sooooooooooooooo, I was planning to do a fun post when my blog reached 1000 pageviews. Sadly, that milestone passed before my eyes too quickly to mention it at all!

Instead, today I celebrate:

Yeah. You read that correctly. 3000. I jumped from 850 views to over 3000 in 2 days!

It's all thanks the following. The most exciting thing that has ever happened on my blog. Mandi!

WooooowwhhhooO!!! (Nope, I'm not sure what that sound is either)

Or, at least I thought it was the most exciting thing. Until this:

See it? See it? See it? 
Best. Day. Ever. 

Am I allowed to print this out and frame it? 

(I'm pretty sure this was my exact expression. Thanks Google Images!)

Thanks to all y'all in the bloggy world for visiting and showing your support! 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Look What I Found Friday!

I remember when Mandi {Vintage Revivals} would post "Look What I Found Friday" on her blog. They were always some of my favorite posts, due to the fact that they simply displayed a picture of something she (or someone else) had found and are planning to "revive". Its just like when I walk into a thrift store and see all the sad little furnitures and think about what I could do to them if I chose to adopt! (That was a strange sentence)

Now, technically I did find this on a Friday. I just didn't pick it up or do anything with it on that particular Friday. So, I am officially saying that it counts and I can title steal the post title.

I found this lovely little gem in....... umm... the dump.
Yup, I was on a run (well, mainly a walk because I am lazy) and made it all the way to the dump, which is about a mile from the camp I am working at this summer. Being adventurous, I walked around the fence and examined the piles of crap. It was fun :D I felt dangerous. Is that sad that is the most daring thing I have done in a while? Sneaking into a dump to look at old garbage? Well, I kinda think so. Sadly, I did not want to carry a desk down the road for a mile. Instead, my devilish self stashed it in the woods next to the dump entrance.

The next day, I was a bit more ambitious. Yup. I carried a desk from a dump down a road for a mile.

Without further ado:

Check back in a few days to see the makeover!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

For those who love change: temporary wallpaper tutorial

This is probably one of the easiest projects I have taken on!

I found these two wallpapers and fell in love! The only problem? I'm a broke-soon-to-be-college-kid!
So, I changed it into a DIY


  • Tissue Paper of your color choice
  • Spray Starch 
  • Paper cutter or Scissors
  • An old rag

First, decide on a pattern and Tissue Paper color 
I chose gold, from Party City, where they had a huge selection of colors

Then, I simply cut out my shapes from the tissue paper!

Spray with starch, stick on wall. Spray with starch and wipe to flatten. Simple.


(And, honestly, I didn't do the whole wall because I ran out of time :D )

To remove, peel off paper and wash wall to remove starch.
I apologize for the crappy ipod photos :)

Tissue paper: $1.99
Other supplies: had on hand!
Total Cost: $1.99

Monday, June 10, 2013

If I can't have a walk-in closet... (standard closet transformation!)

Welcome to my closet!

Ever since I was little, I have loved clothes. My closet, however, has always been a standard tiny one, in which I could never fit all my clothing on hangers. :( When I switched bedrooms with my sister (a year after she went off to college), my closet size increased significantly! woohoo! Sadly, that just means my former closet was teeny tiny and my current one is normal. Tis' 7ft by 2.5ft.

So, basically, I had 7 feet of hanging room, maximum if I hung the rods normally. So, I decided to hang my clothing rods along the right and left walls of the closet! This gives me 10 feet of hanging room instead, and easier access to hanging things!

You can see the rest of my bedroom here!



I took the 3ft by 4ft mirror from my bathroom (from before the redo, seen here).
What is a walk-in closet if you can't change and style yourself in it? 

Along the sides of the mirror, I hung a shoe organizer. I purchased it 
at Ikea for about 5 dollars and cut it in half to fit on both sides.
A light was a necessary addition for seeing what I was picking out.
The cord (from Ikea) goes across the ceiling and down the side to an outlet. 
It is completely concealed! The shade is from Ikea, too! (Crazy, right? haha)

Cute dye coffee filter flower garland

Sadly, not everything fits in the closet. 
The remainder of my clothing resides in my little dresser.
Thanks for reading!! 

See the rest of my bedroom here!
I love comments and will always respond, so comment away!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

How did I do it? {Altering a chair frame!}

Two days ago, I revealed my Anthropologie-Inspired Chair overhaul! 
{You can see the post here}

 From This:                                 To this:

So, how did I do it?
Honestly? I have no clue.
That being said, this is definitely not a tutorial. 

The first thing I attempted to do was change the arms. 
Looking at my inspiration (The Anthropologie Astrid Chair), it is obvious that the arms do not slope upwards, as the original chair's arms did.

 So, I simply cut them off! 

Next, I cut off the back of the frame, and added tubes on the arms to make them round.
The arms are actually made from mailing tubes.
I didn't take a picture in between these two, but under the tubes, I put in the original arms for more strength.

I wanted the front legs to look more like those of the Astrid Collection.
Searching through my garage, I found the perfect solution: The legs of an old table. 

I then cut out the center section and added some old little wheels that I found in my garage!
Problem solved!

Next up was the back of the seat.
This was relatively simple. I cut a thick piece of plastic in the shape of the chair back. 
This was stapled to the top of the original chair back, and some 2x2s. 

Next I took some thin boards and covered the sides and back.
(And broke out the duck tape...)
Voila! New frame nearly complete!

After adding foam to the back, I simply covered the entire chair with two layers of quilt batting.

The chair was completed by painting the legs with a coat of gold paint, and finishing off the upholstery. 


 Chair reveal found here!
Thanks for reading! All comments are loved and appreciated! 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Anthropologie Astrid Chair inspired makeover!

[Update: How did I do it? See the process of altering a chair frame here!]

In my previous post, I mentioned how you can find a typical cane chair in nearly every thrift store and DIY blogger's home.

That being said, I wanted to make my own cane chair very unique.
I also wanted to show more possibilities with a very common item. 

It all started with this picture that I came across while browsing 

It's so cute!! 

Upon further searching, I found out that Anthropologie sells a matching chair!

It. was. perfect.

Funky, whimsical, crazy, adorable.

That is when the light-bulb lit up. 

The idea was brought to the next level after I stumbled upon the perfect fabric at my local thrift store.
It is the exact color of the Astrid settee that originally stole my heart (cheesy, I know...).

At the low price of $3, I couldn't pass the fabric up. 

I then took inspiration from the Astrid collection, and created my own masterpiece.




My Favorite part:
The tufting 

(My cat approved... and felt like posing for a picture)

Individual Costs:
$8-Original Chair
$0-Everything else!
Total Cost:

$- 21

Compared to:


"The frame of your chair should never limit your creativity"

(Sorry for all the cheese)

Please hop on over to East Coast Creative and click on my project in the linksy!

Thanks for viewing! Comments are always appreciated!