Monday, June 10, 2013

If I can't have a walk-in closet... (standard closet transformation!)

Welcome to my closet!

Ever since I was little, I have loved clothes. My closet, however, has always been a standard tiny one, in which I could never fit all my clothing on hangers. :( When I switched bedrooms with my sister (a year after she went off to college), my closet size increased significantly! woohoo! Sadly, that just means my former closet was teeny tiny and my current one is normal. Tis' 7ft by 2.5ft.

So, basically, I had 7 feet of hanging room, maximum if I hung the rods normally. So, I decided to hang my clothing rods along the right and left walls of the closet! This gives me 10 feet of hanging room instead, and easier access to hanging things!

You can see the rest of my bedroom here!



I took the 3ft by 4ft mirror from my bathroom (from before the redo, seen here).
What is a walk-in closet if you can't change and style yourself in it? 

Along the sides of the mirror, I hung a shoe organizer. I purchased it 
at Ikea for about 5 dollars and cut it in half to fit on both sides.
A light was a necessary addition for seeing what I was picking out.
The cord (from Ikea) goes across the ceiling and down the side to an outlet. 
It is completely concealed! The shade is from Ikea, too! (Crazy, right? haha)

Cute dye coffee filter flower garland

Sadly, not everything fits in the closet. 
The remainder of my clothing resides in my little dresser.
Thanks for reading!! 

See the rest of my bedroom here!
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