Sunday, June 16, 2013

For those who love change: temporary wallpaper tutorial

This is probably one of the easiest projects I have taken on!

I found these two wallpapers and fell in love! The only problem? I'm a broke-soon-to-be-college-kid!
So, I changed it into a DIY


  • Tissue Paper of your color choice
  • Spray Starch 
  • Paper cutter or Scissors
  • An old rag

First, decide on a pattern and Tissue Paper color 
I chose gold, from Party City, where they had a huge selection of colors

Then, I simply cut out my shapes from the tissue paper!

Spray with starch, stick on wall. Spray with starch and wipe to flatten. Simple.


(And, honestly, I didn't do the whole wall because I ran out of time :D )

To remove, peel off paper and wash wall to remove starch.
I apologize for the crappy ipod photos :)

Tissue paper: $1.99
Other supplies: had on hand!
Total Cost: $1.99

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  1. I love this idea! I might use it in my daughter's room. Quick question, is that just starch you use for ironing, or what brand is it specifically? Please keep posting, you already have more guts designing and I'm super impressed!!!


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