Monday, July 1, 2013

Look What I Found Friday!

I remember when Mandi {Vintage Revivals} would post "Look What I Found Friday" on her blog. They were always some of my favorite posts, due to the fact that they simply displayed a picture of something she (or someone else) had found and are planning to "revive". Its just like when I walk into a thrift store and see all the sad little furnitures and think about what I could do to them if I chose to adopt! (That was a strange sentence)

Now, technically I did find this on a Friday. I just didn't pick it up or do anything with it on that particular Friday. So, I am officially saying that it counts and I can title steal the post title.

I found this lovely little gem in....... umm... the dump.
Yup, I was on a run (well, mainly a walk because I am lazy) and made it all the way to the dump, which is about a mile from the camp I am working at this summer. Being adventurous, I walked around the fence and examined the piles of crap. It was fun :D I felt dangerous. Is that sad that is the most daring thing I have done in a while? Sneaking into a dump to look at old garbage? Well, I kinda think so. Sadly, I did not want to carry a desk down the road for a mile. Instead, my devilish self stashed it in the woods next to the dump entrance.

The next day, I was a bit more ambitious. Yup. I carried a desk from a dump down a road for a mile.

Without further ado:

Check back in a few days to see the makeover!

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  1. Kae I want to come to the dump with you!! Think of the fun to be had!


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