Wednesday, October 9, 2013

There's this place.. called college?

It’s finally happened! I am now a college freshman. Currently, I am taking the basic first year program for design students. At my university, all design students apply for specific majors before sophomore year. Therefore, I will not be doing much with Interior Design this year. Sad stuff. Still, I have a dorm room for little projects! Luckily my roommate and I have very similar tastes.

If I choose to stick with the design college, I will apply to Interior Design, Industrial Design and Integrated Studio Arts. I am also considering majors in Communication Studies, Religions Studies and Advertising!

So, what have I been up to, you may ask? Learning principles of design basically. We have completed one of three projects in my design studio class; here is me presenting it! [I got an A… Just sayin’…]

The project was to create a poster concerning an issue; using words and pictures chosen by the professors. We used montage method, which is basically cut-and-paste. Hopefully my message is obvious. There are still changes I am going to make to this poster, since it's going into my portfolio. 

Here is my rough draft, or second-to-last iteration.

It’s fun to see how projects and ideas develop, as more time is spend on them. Here are a few of the first iterations I did. These were a way to get our ideas out of our heads quickly, so we didn't spend very much time on them.

My current project is a collaborative with three other students to create a collapsible “passageway”. Once this project is farther along, I’ll post photos.

Little projects and peaks at my dorm room coming soon! Keep checking back! Love y’all!


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