Tuesday, February 19, 2013

First Ever Upholstery Project!


That is where you can find the infamous 1980's cane chair.
That includes both thrift stores AND blogs!

The following was the exact chair that inspired me to take on my first upholstery project, back in August of 2011. 

That's where the story of my chair began!

This is how it came to me:
(Sadly, I can't find any better pictures... sorry!)

Original button, showing ugly green color:

You never know what you will find in something from a thrift store... 
Yup, all this was stuffed in the nooks and crannies of the tiny chair!

The fun process! (in my living room, no less):

Makeover #1:

After a few coats of watermelon paint and new fabric, it was perfect for my room!
I loved it at the time, but my style has changed since then. 

New makeover coming (hopefully) tomorrow!
(This includes my entry to Creating with the Stars)

Thanks for reading! 

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