Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What's up next?

My bedroom!

 Even though I will be living in my house for just approximately 6 or 7 more months, I still want to do another project. It is... um... experience! Building my "design portfolio".

And just plain fun.

I have been hard at work on the room, and have installed a new floor and painted the deep purple walls to "Hushed White" (Behr). 

That's about it.

Here are the "before" pictures. Before any decorating at least. 
I know that they are not very good, but nobody reads this blog to complain anyways. 
Just don't expect any "after" pictures for 2 months or so.

Going through my door:

Door area:

Window Wall:

Wall next to window wall (door is on this wall): 

Closet and other part of far wall:
(lord only knows why the closet looks so gross)

The tapestry is the Moonbeam Tapestry from Urban Outfitters:

And the most updated picture of anything I have done...
(almost) all of my shoes fit into my closet!
Excuse the crappy quality of a phone camera.

Thanks For reading! All comments are appreciated!

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