Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DIY Whitewash Horizontal panelling!

I have long been in love with the look of horizontal panelling,
especially when painted white.

Source: www.houzz.com

I wanted to add more texture and visual interest to a very boring wall in my bathroom. 
It acts as a focal wall in the small room, without adding darker colors or separating the space with color!

I started by comparing cheap and thin wood, with emphasis on the cheap part.
The wood I settled on was $7.00 per 8x4 sheet, so the price was right!!

The store I bought the wood at is very flexible about their cutting policy and I had them rip all 3 of my sheets into 4ft by 6inch boards.

Next I primed the back of all of the boards with Kilz primer, which resists mildew and seals out more moisture than normal primer.

After this, I did two coats of the paint (same color as my walls), but instead of painting it on, I rubbed it into the wood. I wanted to preserve the wood grain look. 

Then, I nailed every piece onto the wall by the corners 
and on the studs that each board crossed. 
I used popsicle sticks for spacers. I got that idea from a 
tutorial, though I'm non sure which one. 

Woohoo ugly bathroom progress!

$0.00~paint (Already had!)
$0.00~Kilz (Already had!)
Grand total: $28!!!

Now that's what I call a bargain! 

I am in love with the difference it makes in the room!



You can see the completed bathroom here

I love comments!! Thanks for reading!! 


  1. You are AWESOME!! Great job on the walls! I love the whole room!

  2. So great Kae! Keep up the fun work. You have quite the eye for design!


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