Monday, January 21, 2013

My Bathroom Reveal!

Welcome to my basement bathroom! For a majority of my life, this room was referred to as the fish bathroom by those in my house. The walls were covered with fish wallpaper on top, a fish border in the middle, and dark blue painted waves on the bottom. Fish soap dish, fish shower curtain, fish artwork. You get the picture. Oh, and the fish lived there.
At around age 13, I took over my older sister's downstairs bedroom. Along with that move came a bathroom move! However, fish weren't my style. 4 years later, I finished off the project!
I started the process when I was 16, and finished when I was 17. (Let's just say it took a little while)
Pictures now!

[after removal of wallpaper, mirror and light fixture]


Not bad for my first interior design project?

This teeny room is choked full of DIY projects.

The "book" shelves, the vanity, the towel 
ladder, the earring holder, the floor, the panelling.

Found this in the basement of the camp I worked at last summer. 
Stealing? Psssh. No. Just long-term borrowing. 

Should have bought more of these chindi rugs when I could have. 
Snagged that one for only $3.50!

You can check out my DIY white washed paneling here

Dollar store baskets and thrifted mason jars. 
Custom built-in shelves! What a pain in the arse. But totally worth it. 

 My Lovely Favorite DIY:

The entire bathroom is basically a DIY, and on the cheap...
Pricing is as follows:
Floor: $3.00 per sq/ft (around $200)
Dresser: $25
Sink: $19
Faucet: $45
Ladder Supplies: $16
Paint: $45ish?
Panneled wall project: $35ish
Trim: $25ish
Light Fixture: $5.00
Mirror: $15.00
Mason Jars: Free+Free+$4.00
"Wildflowers": Free
Butterfly art: $4.00 +$5.00 (frame)
Toilet paper Holder: $1.00
Towel Holder: $1.00
Towel Bar (not shown): $3.00
Baskets: $3.00 (dollar store)
Built in shelves supplies: $10.00ish
Soap Dispenser: $1.00
"Book" Shelves: $10.00ish
Multi-color rug: $3.50
Everything else: Free!
Total: $477ish, including a new floor!

Sorry the pictures aren't the best! Thanks for reading!!
Comments are always appreciated!

Any tips for improved awesome-ness?


  1. Kae! You are SO AMAZING!! I cant believe all of the hard work that you did, I am so proud of you! Keep me update on all of your fun stuff ok?!

    Love your guts

    1. Thank you so much!! I have admired your blog and designs for such a long time that this means a crap ton coming from you. I'll definitely keep you updated on my creations! Thanks for the inspiration! Seriously. A crap ton. :)

  2. You did a great job. i'm looking for a dresser to make into a vanity as well.

  3. Hi, I came here from crazy Mandi's blog. Can you tell me where you found that amazing dresser for $25?! I am on the hunt!! Great makeover :)

    1. I actually bought it just at a Goodwill! It did take quite a while, however. About half a year. Let's just say I procrastinate a wee bit too much and this project was very on-going. I'm so glad that I held out, because I found this one the day before my "deadline" after which time I would have settled for a table that I already had. The thrifting gods were on my side! Good Luck to you!! Search wide and search often. That's the best advice I can give.

  4. WOW!! Way to go girlie!!! :D

  5. It’s one chic bathroom! I'm quite surprised that at your age, you already have a good taste and interest in DIY projects. You definitely know how to make the best out of your spare time. Anyway, the ladder is a nice touch. Who would have thought it can be a great towel holder as well? -->Ryann Hoyer @

  6. What an amazing transformation! If it’s your first huge renovation project, then you did a great job at it! It just means that you’re comfortable with what you want to do in your space. Isn’t it amazing that your bathroom is full of your DIY projects? Cheers!

    Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Ltd.


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