Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Anthropologie Leather Lasse Chair Knock-Off [DIY]

 Anthropologie is kinda the bomb. I have an unnatural obsession with browsing through their furniture. When I came across this particular chair, I fell in love! The green leather and the midcentury modern lines made my heart sing.

I stopped by my local Habitat for Humanity Restore to pick up a chair with similar lines to the original. See it tucked in at the beginning of the second row? Potential! Ugly beyond belief, but potential..
My store always has a large selection of chairs, and I picked this one up for just $2.

I took the chair from dumpster worthy, to living room ready with the help of a jigsaw, drill, and electric sander. First off, I had to change the shape of the frame. After removing both of the cushions, I tackled the legs.

First, I chopped off the part connecting the front and back legs that ran along the floor.
I also used a jigsaw to taper them.

After some quality time with my sander, the legs were completely transformed!

The back of the chair was rounded, and I needed it to be straight across. Once again to the jigsaw. The curve was cut off of the back and screwed into the front to square off that side as well. 

Last step: arms. Screw on a simple 1x4 and voila!

After that, it was ready to be upholstered. I stopped by my favorite fabric store to pick up materials. I actually did a post just on that store! Fabric for miles, people. Check it out. It's amazing.

I matched the green leather, and found black and white 
chevron fabric for the cushions.

So, once the frame was done, I covered it with batting and was ready to upholster.

Then the upholstering began. This being the second chair I've ever upholstered, I am not going to do a tutorial. I really had no clue what I was doing.

With the price of fabric and foam coming out to $82, the total was $98! That total includes $2 for the chair, $12 for upholstery tacks, and a $2 board that was used on the arms! A far cry from the original, which rings in at nearly $1,500!


  1. You did an amazing job, congrats on being in the top 12 on Creating with the Stars. Love how you added the wood to the arms as well to really give it the anthro look.

  2. I loved this project, and what blown away that it was made from one of those ubiquitous, ugly desk chairs that is in EVERY thrift store. Thanks for the tutorial!

  3. Girl, this was a knock out DIY! I cannot believe you transformed that ugly office chair into this, or that you saw that chair at the thrift store and were able to envision it! Also, I am seriously jealous of your local fabric store... I need one like that!!!

  4. Hi Katharine, although I have read this post for many times, I still got inspired every time. It's so amazing that you can think of the pretty chair when you saw an ugly one! And your ability to transform is superb!

    I have one question for you though. What is the brass thing around the legs of the chair? And how did you do that? Cannot by cutting a whole piece of brass sheet and wrapping the cut pieces around the tapered legs right? It bothers me so much I have to ask this silly question.

    Thanks, and keep the inspiring work!

    best regards,


  5. Sorry Katherine for the wrong spelling of your name - the "self-correction" function is always the one I want to kill in every system I use! Sorry!



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