Monday, March 3, 2014

Let's go shopping! On Craigslist that it. And a Designy-Life update.

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Good morning, lovelies! This post is brought to you by sleep deprivation and a need for entertainment.
First things first.  Some very exciting things have been happening to me lately!

Um, hellooo!!! What?! Super exciting for me! 

Did you see it? Check out the post here!
I always put nice comments as my computer wallpaper for a while, so thank you everybody! You may just have earned the spot! [Just like I did when Mandi Gubler visited my blog!]

 [Note the tabs I have open in this screenshot. Um, yup. I'm a geek]

On to another life update. College.
The last semester was crazy and all ended with the decision to transfer universities and switch majors. I've decided to major in Housing Studies instead of Interior Design, to eventually reach my goal of being a realtor and renovating houses & historical properties. My old university will be dearly missed, but it's all for the best. 

Oh yeah. And today, by blog views just passed 10,000! That's so crazy! Thank you, everyone!

Ok, back to Craigslist.

Whenever I have no money or space for new furniture, I turn to craigslist. Cheaper and easier than actually shopping, and less likely to result in another piece of furniture shoved in my bedroom! (Seriously. I was home this weekend and attempted to clean it? I have two headboards, a papasan chair,  two wingback type chairs, lockers, two matching nightstands waiting for a makeover, two desks, about 3 bookshelves and a crazy huge plywood thing that started it's existence as a dollhouse. Oh, and I just got rid of a couch from my old dorm room. Then there was the $20 couch from about a year ago? My mother made me get rid of that. It was vintage adorable. But she was right, I have absolutely no space for it. And that's just what is in my bedroom. I've gone through so much furniture. Have I ever mentioned how many beds I have had in my lifetime? 8. yup. (bed, other bed, bunk, loft, other bed again, other other bed, plywood things, current pickle bucket arrangement.)
My mother likes to joke that I could furnish an entire apartment by myself. And, yeah. Pretty sure I could. Whoa! Coffee induced ramblings! Let's get to this!

The first post that caught my eye. Really?! 
Okay. I'll admit it. If I saw this for $5 in Goodwill, it would painted some crazy color and sitting in my room. It's a goat! What?! 

This next one shows one of my biggest pet peeves. So, you're selling a table? Because I cannot see the table? Understand my problem with this picture?

Oh. My. Gosh.
Gorgeous. I really need a house, right now, to buy these for. And for $50? That's not bad, right!?


I would go for these, if they weren't quite $30 per locker. I'd really sell them per unit. Plus, I have a set of four lockers sitting in my garage that I bought 2 years ago and never did anything with.
[Well? I attempted to scrape the layers of paint off with paint remover, but gave up pretty quickly.

 You have to look pretty closely to find the gem in this one. See the wicker headboard peeking out from behind the wooden one? I actually visited this store, and it was gone already. Darn it.

 Here is an interesting couch! I feel like someone could make this work in the right space. All white room with red, purple or green accents? Hmm!
 The next two are gorgeous midcentury modern pieces. I would never pay nearly $600 for a dresser, but I think the right buyer may come along for it.  
But honestly? Would anyone, rich or poor, pay $2500 for a desk? I sure hope not. This is Craigslist, people. Honestly.

And that is where I leave you! Go off and find interesting things of your own!

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