Friday, February 21, 2014

35 Cent Faux Washi Tape Gallery Wall [Dorm Room Decor!]

Dorm Room Series Post 4
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Welcome back to Pretty Little Lady! I've been working hard between classes and on weekends to make my little dorm room feel like home. Today's topic is decor. Particularly on the largest wall in my room, above my bed. 
The high ceilings and near-white walls used to draw emphasis to this blank and boring section. I tried many things
After wasting a little bit too much time on Pinterest, I decided to go with a simple washi tape gallery such as these.

Hello Inspiration!!

Here is the blank slate before

And after
[obviously there was a bit of furniture rearrangement as well]

I loved the look of the black electrical tape and the washi tape patterns. The problem? I don't have any. The only tape up in this res. hall is duct tape and masking tape. I first arranged the images with the masking tape where you now see black, but it just didn't show up well enough on the off white wall. So, I cut strips of black paper to replace it! It was the perfect solution, and honestly looks like tape to me, with raw torn edges. 

Costs? $0.05 per piece of paper printed. All the "artwork" you see, with the exception of the Marilyn Monroe poster , was printed from a black and white printer. I took an x-acto knife to the letters in the quote and backed it with gold tissue paper. The red lips and blue eyeliner on the vogue poster were colored in with colored pencil. The flower was traced from a computer printout and cut out of gold paper [hint, you'll be seeing that pattern again very soon if all goes to plan]. The inkblot was glued to a black paper frame. Amelia Earhart and Twiggy were pieced together from two pages. 

Hope you like it! Feedback and Comments always appreciated! :)

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