Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bucket-Pouf! DIY Upholstered Ottoman.

Dorm Room Series Post 2

A few weeks ago, I bought a chair. An adorable, pink, vintage, wingback chair.

But first, a little history. Last semester, I was planning on majoring in Interior Design. The farther along I got in my classes, the more I realized that I was interested in more than simply decorating. Because of this change, I made the decision to transfer universities and switch to a Housing Studies Major.
How does that have anything to do with an ottoman? Well, I was assigned to a single room. And I bought a chair. And I wanted an ottoman. So I made one!

I was inspired by the ottomans made from 5 gal buckets, like this one, but it wasn't quite the size I wanted.

More pretty inspiration!

Hmm... Garbage Can. Stool. Bucket?
Cost being a big factor in this project, I ended up purchasing this 17 gallon bucket at 
Walmart for about $5! 
Ideally, I would have found something that didn't taper, but I can handle it for the price tag. 

Next step was the fabric store, at which I bought a small bag of quilt batting, a piece of 2" foam, and white fur fabric. All for 50% off! 

So then! Stuff I did! 

First, I cut off of the rim of the bucket with a box cutter.

Next, I cut the foam to the size of the bucket bottom/top.

Uh, so now I just covered it with batting? Not too complicated. 

Note the use of duct-tape... I'm quite professional. 

Then, I cut out a rounded piece of the fabric and tacked it down around the top.

Things got a little hairy.. 
Haha. I'm so punny :) jk
(And fashionable. Obviously.)

Finally, I wrapped the rest of the exposed batting with fabric, folded down the raw edges, and tacked it down.

The whole project took me about an hour to complete, and looks perfect in my room!


  1. hey!
    nice blog. your poufs looks so pretty.we can decor our bedroom with unique and designer poufs and ottoman.they give different look to our home.
    Thanks For sharing your idea.


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