Saturday, February 1, 2014

From Ikea to Urban Outfitters. {Cat face clock tutorial}

Dorm Room Series Post 1

Let's get one thing straight. I'm a little strange.
I frequently drool over, and recently fell in love with a quirky clock!
Yeah. A cat face :)

But at a price tag of $50? $*%# no. Just, no.

How about a price tag of $1.99?
Well, here is my version of the whimsical cat face clock.

Here is what I did.

Behold! The IKEA Rusch!

All right. Ready to create your own clock zoo? 
Mind you, I don't really expect this to last very long. 
Maybe I'll put actual effort into a different one later.
For inquiring minds, here is what I did.

          1. Find picture on internet. The higher the resolution, the better. Try searching for "large" images,             if using Google.
          2. Copy picture into Microsoft Word.
          3. Enlarge picture as much as possible. 
          4. Print out picture.
          5. Cut out face of your kitty, puppy, armadillo etc. 
                   Whatever turns your crank.
          6. Glue onto flat, sturdy, non-corrugated cardboard.
                   (I just used a simple glue stick. Again, not exactly high quality here.)
          7. Cut the cardboard to the size of the paper. Set clock face aside for now. 

Time for the fun part! Disassembling the clock! 
I really didn't know what I was doing at this point. 
          8. I started by removing the clear plastic that covered the clock face.
          9. Then, I took off the clock mechanism, to keep it safe.
          10. On the back of the clock, there is a part that protrudes from the rest. Take some kind of knife           (I used a pocket knife) and cut if off. See below if you do not understand what I mean.
          Back to kitty. 
          11. Next thing, I punched a hole in the cardboard/paper where I wanted the hands to come                     through. 
          12. Then, I taped the cardboard to the remaining part of the clock and reassembled the                             hands/battery mechanism.


Eventually, I hope to create a high-quality wooden clock. But for now, 
this one hangs adorably on my dorm room wall! Not bad for $2?

Comments and questions are always appreciated!

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