Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Well, that's a little embarrassing...

I always say: If you hide where you came from, it's impossible to see how far you have come. 
Today I'm having a little fun with a #TBT, design blog style! [#TBW I suppose. I'm too impatient to wait a day to post this. Another post coming to you on Friday though!]

Before I stuck with PrettyLittleLady, I had a few blog projects I started up. 

I would now like you to marvel in how un-attractive this little blog is.. hehe.
2011. Huh! I was only 16 then! Back when I was working on my bathroom remodel.

Now for the real fun part! My first ever blogged projects. 

Crafty DIY- Netbook Case 2011

 Remember netbooks? It definitely used to be my most prized possession. Let's just say I've upgraded since.

Design DIY-Pallet side table! 2011
100% free, made from one pallet, blood, sweat, tears and multiple curse words.

[Note the editing I did to this picture. Throwback enough in itself!]

I think it may have gotten thrown away. Poor thing. It's kinda cute. 

Bedroom Wall- My Beatles phase 2010
Complete with deep purple walls, records, and a DIY clock. Gallery wall? Darn straight. I rock. 

Here is one more throwback, coming to you from my indecisive mind.
This was the original vanity for my bathroom, before I found the perfect dresser!

Thanks all, folks!

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